What we Do

Parties & Events

Make your party truly wild and unforgettable!

What better way to create a unique, exciting and educational surprise for any party, than hiring a fully interactive mini mobile Zoo?!  

hidden behind our mysetry animal screen lurks an array of exotic and unusal creatures, ready to be brought out one by one to amaze and meet the group! 

Each animal will be presented  by our knowledgable and experienced and vetted rangers, who will explain all about each creature and introduce them for handling in a safe and fun way!

Specific animals can be selected, or leave it up to us to make the surprise even more exciting!!

of course pictures are a very important part of this experience, so there will be ample opportunity to take some great snaps yourself, or we can organise a professional photographer to ensure all magical moments are captured perfectly to treasure forever!

we offer various packages and additional extras according to your requirements.

Schools & Groups

Educational presentations for schools and groups

One of the most important subjects on the planet, that is not necessarily covered by the national curriculum is of course our animals and the importance of their place on our planet and their habitats. In this world of computers and social media, why not bring the kids back to basics and teach them about the enchanting and vital wildlife that we are so lucky to have! 

Our rangers will give each participant the oportunity to interact with and handle the animals and explain all there is to know about them and their habitats.

There will also be a questions and answers sections and where requested or time permitting a workshop/ quiz to follow

Corporate & Team Building

Getting to know animals, is NOT just for kids!! Perfect for team building ad corporate events!

Adults love animals just as much (if not more!) than the kids, so why miss out on the fun too?!

the Get to know animals experince is perfect for  older kids or "big kids" parties too, we can do a full presentation or our rangers can mingle round the party introducing a selection of animals to guests. this is perfect for filling time at a wedding reception or providing extra entertainment for any function or corporate event.


For team building exercizes. We can tailor the package to suit the skill set you require. for example, reptiles or insects are usualy very good for conquering fears and building confidence

Welcome to Get to know animals.

we offer various packages and services. For prices or more info,

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