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Our Knowledgabe and experienced rangers are all fully crb checked and insured (public liability)

get to know Our rangers

Ranger rosey


Ranger rosey has grown up with many different kinds of animals and they are her biggest passion in life! She loves to make close bonds with all animals and has great experience in taming, training and general animal care.

ranger tommy b


ranger tommy b has spent the last 30+ years in the animal indusrty, having owned his own pet shops, run working farms, been a zoo keeper and much more! He is also a bird expert and has many animal behaviourist qualifications.

ranger Tati


ranger tati also has vast experience working with many different tyes of animals. he is an expert in animal breeding, ecology and theory and geology. Ranger tati also has many different animal related qualifications

Get to know our animals...

All our animals are loved and cared for like our own family. Get to know them here....

          Frank     the Chameleon

Frank is our extremely friendly yemen chameleon. he loves to come out of his viv to go on adventures and explore! he also loves sunbathing and climbing on peoples heads!

Betty the african Grey

Betty is an african grey parrot. she is extremely inteligent and will happily come and sit on your arm or shoulder! her favourite treats are nuts and she loves to whistle!

tucker the sugar glider

our lovely tucker is a marsupial, native to Australasia. They are a type of possom related to Kangeroos and Koala bears. Tucker has a very sweet tooth and loves jumping around!

fatbum the hedgehog

Fatbum is our african pygmy hedgehog. They are originally desert animals and like to eat plenty of insects. Fatbum loves eating and sleeping and is the very proud father of quite a few litters now!

kevin & teresa The Macaws

Kevin & Teresa are our young Macaws. They are brother and sister. They are just like little naughty children and are very funny to watch. They have just learnt to say hello! and copy or laugh!

Elza The Golden Retriever

Elza is our gorgeous golden retriever. probably one of the most well behaved, gentle and loving dogs you will ever meet! she loves going for walks and taking long naps!

Mini the Dumbo Rat

Tmini or min mins as we like to call her is a husky dumbo rat. mini loves to sit on your shoulder and come with you everywhere you go! she is very affectionate and loves snuggles



yonage the ball python

yonage is a 4ft ball python. he loves to come out and have a little slither about and he also loves taking a nice warm bath! his favurite trick is trying to escape and hide round the back of his vivarium!

chicken the cockatiel

Chicken is a pied cockatiel. her best friends are a group of budgies and she chatters away to them all day long! chicken loves sitting in the window and greeting all the passers by!



lilly & yoda the beardies

lilly & yoda are a pair of minature of dwarf bearded dragons. unfortunately, yoda has a foot missing as lilly accidentaly mistook it for a locust, but they still love eachother & yoda is doing just fine!



 the chinchillas

Tthis is Cilla & Willow our chinchillas. they love raisins and having a good roll about in the sand! they have the softest fur ever!!


feather      the boa 

feather is our massive 6ft8' boa constrictor. she is very friendly and likes to come out and investigate. bfeather is a cross between a comman boa and a red tail!



whites tree frogs

these gorgeous tree frogs are just too cute! when handling these frogs, hands will need to be kept cool and wet at all times, so as not to harm their delicate skin. 



lots of guinea pigs

Tnow you can't have an animal party without guinea pigs right?! we always have lots of little piggies, of all colours and breeds, and all of them love cuddles!!



Rabbits of all sizes

we always have a selection of rabbits, including dwarf, giant continental and lops! nothing as cute as bunny snuggles!!



tarantulas & Spiders

Tthe one most people are the most terrified of!! Once you meet our 8 legged friends, you will see there is nothing to be scared of!



giant land snails

believe it or not, giant african landsnails are very common pets! it feels very tickly when they slither on your arm! just remeber to wash your hands!!



fantail pigeons

our beautiful indian fantail pigeons are often mistaken for doves because they are so pretty! these birds have excellent homing abilities and are normally bred as show birds



millie the milipede

Tnot to be confused with centipedes! milipedes have more legs (as the name suggests), are completely non venemous and do not bite! they love a nice slice of cucumber!



giant stick insects

Tthese magnificent insects are one of the largest insects in the world and can grow to over 2 foot long!! that is longer that your arm! as their name suggests, they really do look exactly like sticks!



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